Carbon Fiber Membership Card

Example Finished Card Shown Above - Not for sale

With this premium quality carbon fiber business card you can promote your high end body shop or aerospace company. The photo only shows part of the unique look that this carbon fiber card possesses. As you tilt the case in the light, the fibers in the carbon fiber yarn show a unique 3D depth, which is only present with real carbon fiber.

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Our cards are constructed from real solid carbon fiber (not printed graphics, impressions in plastic or any other imitation). There are thousands of individual carbon fibers woven into the yarn used to make the layers of cloth in these cards. Being real carbon fiber, these cards take a lot of labor to manufacture and the materials are also more expensive than imitation cards. We believe there is nothing better than a high quality carbon fiber card and do not offer anything less.

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Carbon Fiber Money Clip (Front) 



Carbon fiber consists of extremely thin fibers ranging from 0.005 0.010 mm diameter. To form the yarn thousands of carbon fibers are twisted together.

Carbon fiber has many different weave patterns and when combined with a resin it can be molded to form a high strength-to-weight ratio material.

Carbon fiber is very lightweight and has considerably lower density than steel, making it ideal for aerospace, military, and motorsports racing.




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