Customer Reviews for The Original KOOLSTOF™ Carbon Fiber Money Clip

I owed 5 money clips in the past. Now I only use this Carbon Fiber clip. Got one for my mom and dad. I recomended it in my newly revised 'How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle' kindle book.

- Paul Kyriazi

Excellent money clip. Been using mine for several years now.

- Steve S

I own this and have gifted this. After 9 months it's indestructible and has 100% of its original shape. My $1.00 bill is wrapped around several more $1.00 bills......although a $20.00 is occasionally hiding somewhere inside.

- David W.

Learned about this money clip from a contest Paul Kyriazi held recently. This feels great and looks much better than you'll ever tell from the photos. You'll want to take it with you wherever you go. Fortunately, it's rechargeable!

- John B.

I've had this clip for 2 years and routinely have it hold 40+ bills at one time. Still in perfect condition and have recommended it to many others.

- Ben M.

I've tried several moneyclips, but after a recommendation from Paul Kyriazi, I tried this one out. I asked for it for Christmas, and it is still holding bills strong. It doesn't stretch out like traditional metal clips and can hold forty bills one day and then a single bill another with no problems. This moneyclip has been dropped in gravel, banged around, and carried up against car keys and it hasn't frayed or shown considerable damage.

This is an item I carry daily and I love it. Thanks CFD!

- Matthew S.

I carried my original old metal money clip for close to 15 years before loosing it. Liked the look of the carbon and decided to give it a try. Absolutely appreciate the spring tension to weight ratio. Wish I lost the old one long ago.

- Ray F.