At Carbon Fiber Designs we are not content to just provide a working product and leave it at that. The beauty of carbon fiber must be showcased and all of our products must work and last for many years.

One of the first carbon fiber products we designed was our Koolstof carbon fiber money clip. Originally we were trying to apply a carbon fiber print onto the Commander titanium money clip, but decided that a real carbon fiber money clip would be the better way to go.

Using the dimensions of the Commander as a guide we designed the Koolstof money clip and it has brought a lot of enjoyment to those who value quality craftsmanship and the beauty of carbon fiber.

We have been in business for many years and we are confident in our designs and our premium products. We have a 90-day money back satisfaction guarantee with no limitations. If you don't think your purchase is perfect, then send it back for a full refund or an exchange - your choice.

We only sell our money clips through




Phone: (800) 797-3124 (Calls handled by Superior Titanium)


As an industrial material carbon fiber can reduce weight with it's incredible strength to weight ratio, but when carefully crafted it can also be very good looking. We're still experimenting and coming up with new products, so check back again soon!

Looking for a product we don't currently offer? We are continually developing new carbon fiber products, so if you are looking for something that you don't see on our website, please contact us and let us know what you are looking for.




Carbon fiber consists of extremely thin fibers ranging from 0.005 0.010 mm diameter. To form the yarn thousands of carbon fibers are twisted together.

Carbon fiber has many different weave patterns and when combined with a resin it can be molded to form a high strength-to-weight ratio material.

Carbon fiber is very lightweight and has considerably lower density than steel, making it ideal for aerospace, military, and motorsports racing.




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